Environmental promise

At Koko Riko tea we promise to be conscious about the impact we make on our beautiful planet. We have always used creative solutions to make a positive impact because environmental issues are the heart ❤️ of the company. 

At the beginning of Koko Riko Tea, we have realised very quickly it would be a challenge to be carbon neutral. Honesty is key. 

organic matcha green tea

Our matcha comes from Japan and we have made sure the packaging inside would only be from a carton and not plastic. The packaging carton we use is 100% biodegradable and comes from the UK like that we reduce transport from countries like China and support the local economy. 

However, being carbon neutral or becoming even negative is extremely hard and costly for a small company like us. We don't want to lie to our customers and are aware of our flaws. That is why we make you a promise for 2021 to become better every year by learning from you! 


 Do not hesitate our dear friends to send us an email on how you think we can become even better. 

No time? DM us on our Instagram page @kokorikotea


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Our promise for 2021 

- Reducing even more plastic with biodegradable carton.

- Use no chemical coloured paper for inside the packaging.

- Reduce transport and reduce logistics litter.




- Inform our suppliers and let them sign a sustainability contract.

- Partnership with sustainable carbon-neutral companies.