Several reasons why some matcha's are more expensive than the other ones.

We keep our promise to you to have high quality, REAL ceremonial matcha! Because we know here at Koko Riko Tea what we are talking about.


Matcha requires more involvement, care, and skill before it comes to marketbest matcha tea UK than other green teas on the shelf and as a result, makes for a more impactful beverage. When you buy and drink loose-leaf green tea or green tea leaves in a teabag, the leaves are immersed and components of the leaves are steeped into hot water.

Matcha, however, is the entire leaf, ground into a very fine powder. That powder is blended into your hot water, not merely steeped. When you drink the whole leaf, the antioxidant power and caffeine content is increased.

Ceremonial grade is top quality that is brighter green and should not have bitter or harsh notes in its flavour.

This grade is used for drinking green matcha tea, made with hot water, matcha, and a bamboo whisk (that's what makes it nice and frothy).

The culinary grade can be duller and have a bitter edge. The culinary grade will be less expensive, which makes it better for baking and beverages like smoothies. When shopping, keep an eye out for added ingredients like sugar and powdered milk, which is more common in latte and frappé mixes but can also be used to mask bad matcha.  





matcha powder

 Matcha is grown in Japan. And while there are varieties on the market that are grown in China or that do not specify where it was grown, these probably aren't the ones you want to purchase if you are looking for the "real deal" matcha experience. Traditional, true matcha is only Japanese.

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