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Rose Benefits

Rose water comes with many health benefits. It helps soothe skin irritation and inflammation. Roses contain antioxidants just like matcha green tea and mixing them together makes it a powerful detox drink. Some studies even show that eating edible roses may be used to lower anxiety levels and promotes relaxation.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a highly concentrated powdered form of green tea. The green tea leaves are hand-picked after a harvesting time of 3-4weeks. In Japanese matcha the veins and stems are also removed which makes the matcha even more smooth. Matcha green tea is much more concentrated in antioxidants and caffeine and green tea and has a unique adaptogenic feature, this means it will work relaxing if you feel relaxed or gives you more energy when you do sports.

Matcha green tea flavour is characterized by vegetal, umami (bitterness) notes as well sweet and grassy.

Matcha Rose Latte Recipe

Koko Riko Tea Ceremonial matcha (buy here) 
Rose hibiscus concentrate (buy here)
Edible Rose petals
Soy milk or other vegan alternative
best matcha tea uk

How to: 

Add Soy milk in a milk foamer for matcha and top up until the maximum shown on the foamer 

    Add 1 teaspoon of matcha 

      Add 2 teaspoons of rose hibiscus 

      Start the foamer and wait until it is heated 

        If you want your rose matcha latte to be more pink add more rose hibiscus concentrate. 

        Buy your matcha at Koko Riko Tea for the best results 


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          tHANK YOU! Loved the matcha flavour will make this matcha drink more often

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          Very delicious matcha recipe

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          I loved the subtle matcha, rose flavour good job!

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