What is the right water temperature for matcha?

To create matcha green tea, leaves are plucked from the Camellia Sinensis tea plant, to reduce water content, then heated. Heating the green tea leaves serves two purposes: 1. To prevent oxidation and 2) To influence the tea’s flavour. This is a very delicate process and only the real matcha masters know the right heating process. In China, heating is often done by a machine in a rotating cylinder. In Japan, matcha green tea is steam heated, which produces a different aroma and flavour to Chinese tea. 

The water temperature 

When you prepare your matcha, be mindful that your water needs to be around 70 °C and 80 °C. If your water kettle doesn't allow you to regulate the water temperature boil it to 100 °C and cool for about 10 minutes before serving.  Hotter water makes the matcha taste bitter and destroys all the health benefits and antioxidants. For example if oil is too hot you can't cook with it because it activates cancerogenics, matcha loses its flavour.  Everyone in Japan where the real matcha tea masters live know that the ceremonial grade matcha needs to be prepared with cooler water. Some tea masters even say that only with cool water the antioxidants in matcha work. 

The Aroma and Flavour 

The aroma and flavour of matcha green tea is influenced by the ground and moment of harvesting, the region and sun exposure where the tea is grown in. Because of this, one matcha green tea can taste very different to another. Matcha green tea can be light, sweet and aromatic; full-bodied, strong and earthy or a mix of them all. 

What is the right water ratio to matcha? 

The right water to matcha ratio is per 1 teaspoon of matcha use 80ml of water. For real beginners we advise to measure everything. The more water you use the less foamy your matcha will be and less tasty your matcha will be. So it's better to use less water and add little by little than to pour everything all at once. 

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  • Sofi

    Super nice article about matcha! I have looked everywhere for this information about matcha and now can prepare it the right way!
    I feel an immediate change in my matcha now that the water temperature is right.

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