Make Your Own Russian Matcha Pancakes

This recipe is healthy because we used less sugar and less oil but also used buckwheat flour. It is well known buckwheat flower contains slow carbs which fills you up for hours without making you feel hungry. Enjoy making it with your friends or loved ones. You can put honey, maple syrup or anything you like on top of these fluffy pancakes. We made a short video for you to keep it simple and relaxing. Follow the instruction's step by step and you will be sure your pancakes will be a success.


- 2 eggs or no eggs if you want to make it vegan

- 100 grams of sugar

- 3 teaspoons of sunflower oil

- 1 cup of buckwheat flower

- Soda 

- Water at 80 degree Celsius for the matcha



 - Matcha Starter Kit from Koko Riko Tea 

- Whisk 

- A pan 


How to 

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