Are there any similarities in how our bodies react during yoga and whilst drinking Matcha?



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Though Matcha is thought to be invented in Japan, it was the Chinese Zen Monks who found out that grinding dried green tea leaves into a powder and mixing them with water helped them in their practice.


The monks would meditate for hours and would use Matcha to remain alert. At the time, the monks were not focused as to why this was happening but rather were concentrated on how they could improve their mind and body. As a result, Matcha green tea became their daily drink because of the benefits that they felt it had in their body.


Actual studies on the subject became only more prevalent in the last 15 years, but this has not stopped us, nor the monks several centuries ago, to associate Matcha green tea with mental benefits.

The Now 



We now know that the alertness that helped the monks several centuries ago is due to the caffeine content in Matcha green tea.

best matcha tea UK

Matcha is a unique tea because it has the combination of Caffeine, Theanine, EGCG, Amino Acids and Phytonutrients. Don't worry, you definitely do not need to remember all of these names. However, I will explain to you how they will bring the same benefits as the monks experienced to your body.


During rest, Theanine increases alpha wave brain activity, which has been associated with relaxation. This wave is the same wave that we find in the brains of people who meditate.


Because Theanine and Caffeine are always consumed together when drinking Matcha green tea, we must also look at their combined impact. Some studies found that the joining of these two components improved the speed and accuracy of tasks.


I hear you thinking, how can you relax and speed up at the same time? This brings us to the best characteristic of Matcha, namely that it is adaptogenic, which means that Matcha will adapt to how you feel that day and what your body requires from you.


Just like the combination of Theanine and Caffeine gives you alpha waves in your brain, which can, in turn, provide you with a relaxing effect, the fusing of yoga and Matcha will enforce this even further.

Matcha is a real stress-reliever, just like yoga brings you to Nirvana, a sacred and peaceful place.


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