Healthy detox?

Detox is needed because our body is frequently exposed to toxic substances.matcha powder
However, most of the time it can fight without extra help. A much smarter approach is to eat healthier and improve your lifestyle, rather than go on a potentially dangerous cleanse. You probably have heard this loud shouting articles and so-called studies that show detoxing can rest your organs by fasting, stimulate your liver to get rid of toxins, improve circulation, remove free radicals etc. 
All of these advises come with a long list of recommendations like juice cleansing, fasting, take supplements, eat at breakfast what you would eat at dinner and so many more.
The truth however is that these are very short-term dietary interventions and many people give up before the end of the cleansing. Some people report feeling more focused and energetic during and after detox diets. However, this improved well-being may simply be due to eliminating processed foods, alcohol, and other unhealthy substances from your diet.

How matcha helps with your health

The major polyphenols in green tea are catechol, the antioxidant that enhances fat burning and removes the feeling of hunger. 
With matcha green tea, you get the full polyphenol benefits since you consume the whole leaves. In regular green tea, the leaves are thrown away after steeping, so you do not get the full effects of catechol.
Chlorophyll is another useful ingredient, as it improves liver detoxification. Matcha green teas are grown under shade, using bamboo mats or tarp, gradually reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches the plant. This step increases the chlorophyll content and turns the leaves dark green, giving matcha its distinctive green colour.
Matcha is great for a long term work on your body it is easily prepared it is delicious and boosts your energy which is perfect for sport prestation’s. 

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