How to Make Ceremonial Matcha green tea The Real Way

WHY is this so important?



Making a traditional matcha is very important to keep the quality of your matcha. Whisking it makes fine bubbles which aerate the matcha and makes the flavour stand out more. Matcha gives you more power during the day and helps you stay focused. The routine of making a matcha distracts us from other things and makes us feel more relaxed. 


Here you can find a short example of how to make a healthy matcha or matcha latte if desired.  


  • Put 1 teaspoon of matcha into the bowl.


  • Then, add warm water at 80 degrees Celsius and whisk it in a W way.  

  • The whisking creates a foamy tea that can be poured into your cup.

  • Leave the whisk in your whisk holder to avoid damage and spilling. 


  • Add lukewarm milk and sweeten if desired.





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