Watch this short video where I compare different kinds of matcha and explain to you live what good and bad matcha is. It is very important to use a good quality matcha because otherwise you won't get the beneficial effects of drinking it. 

What is Good Matcha?

Only organic matcha where no fertilizers were used has a sweet and smooth aftertaste and therefore is healthy. fertilizers change the taste of matcha and make matcha non - authentic and even dangerous.

One of the first things you will see is the colour which should be beautiful dark green. If you see that the colour is neon green then that matcha is not premium quality and probably was harvested non-organic.

With good matcha you will see while whisking, the fine bubbles and foam almost immediately show up. 


What is Bad Matcha?

Bad matcha is usually non-organic and not foamy or less foamy. When you open your tin you will see that the matcha came with large grains (we showed in the video). It means the matcha is low quality and won't foam properly. The taste of matcha is always the reason we buy matcha, so it is a very important factor to look at. The aftertaste of bad matcha will always be bitter or with a metal aftertaste you can see at the colour of the matcha which will usually be pale green or neon green that the taste of that matcha is not worth drinking it.

Watch here the full video! 

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